The end of my twenties


Today is the last day of my twenties and I have been dreading this day for months. There’s just something about turning 30 that scares me. I’m not sure why though. I took time this week to think about then things I have done in my twenties ans what I have learned.

In my twenties I:

Met, fell in love with, and married my best friend.

Met my 2 beautiful nieces.

Regained a relationship with my mom after 6 years.

Gained amazing friendships with my sister’s.

Worked for 3 wonderful families! Being a nanny is so rewarding!

Realized that I am much happier when I work out and eat right.

Realized that marriage is a lot harder than you think it is but it is worth everything.

Realized by that as much as I would like to control everything, finally actually can’t and that’s ok.

Realized that life is short and you need to take the time to say I love you.

Traveled to the Bahamas, lake Tahoe, Utah, Vail, Cayman islands, Charleston, Santa Rosa beach, Savannah, cocoa beach, and Palm beach.

Learned to snow ski in Vail after failed attempts in Tahoe and Utah.

Paddle boarded in the ocean.

Swam with the stingrays and snorkled in the Cayman islands.

The hardest thing I do d in my twenties was bury my dad. I was 20 and he passed not quite unexpectedly but more unexpectedly than I liked. I had to plan and pay for his funeral. I can’t believe that this year will be 10  years.

Sunday I will write about my hopes for my thirties!


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